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Survival Medicine – Willow Bark

Willow bark is containing salicin, which is the answer of mother nature to modern aspirine. You can make a tea

Woodland Plants for Winter Survival, Food and Medicine

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Wild Teas for Survival – Medicinal & Nutritional

If you’re stuck out in the sticks, then there’s really no reason to be malnourished/nutrient starved. Here’s a few common

The Future of Fish Antibiotics in Survival Medicine

Changes in FDA regulations, called the Veterinarian Feed Directive, have made many antibiotics Rx only for the food industry. Are

Survival Medicine Gun Shot Kit Dental Kit …

Survival Medicine – Cinnamon

In this video I present Cinnamomum Verum, or the true cinnamon true which we can use as medicine for our

Survival Medicine Book Review

Book review of Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s latest edition of their popular book on survival medicine. We show both

Survival Medicine Medium Trauma Bag by Nurse Amy

Nurse Amy,an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) from reviews her PREPPER Medium Trauma Bag. Here is the store link

Field Wound Care – Tips for surviving a severe wounds away from medical care

If you are ever stuck out in the middle of nowhere, will you know what to do if you suffer

Prepper Basement Subpart – Medical

A detailed video of my medical supplies shown in my Prepper Basement video. Many supplies …